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Quarantine Lessons from a 4-year-old Saving Worms

Have you ever taken a walk after a heavy rain and noticed all the worms that have been flooded out of their cozy dirt homes and now lie stranded on the sidewalk? I know I must have seen this in the past, but I swear I never really took note of those worms until last spring.

Sadie saving a worm.

When COVID came, daycare was closed and work moved home, and our family of four was completely isolated like everyone else. Our then 4-year-old daughter, Sadie and I would take walks at lunchtime. We made nature bracelets, built fairy homes in the woods, and splashed in puddles. It was probably my favorite part of quarantine.

On our walks after a good rain, Sadie took note of those stranded worms. She had to stop and save every one, carefully moving them from the sidewalk to the grass. She knew if they stayed on the sidewalk as the sun returned, they would surely dry up and die. This is something she still insists on doing during walks today. She has so much compassion in that little heart of hers. She must save EVERY worm.

It makes me so happy to know God blessed Brooks with Sadie as his sister. He knew they needed each other and they are so perfectly connected.

Now, I must say, on every run or walk without her, I notice the worms. I even stop to help some of them (who has the patience to save ALL the worms?!)

On those COVID adventures, she also taught me the importance of taking a break and getting outside. She taught me that dandelions, clover, wild violets and other weeds are actually quite beautiful. She taught me that laughter and smiles and races to the next mailbox are a really great way to break up your work day. Every day she teaches me more and more about love and compassion.

I think this past year has taught us all a lot of lessons. As we happily return to doing things we have missed doing together (finally), let’s not forget those lessons we learned when we were forced to slow down. Embrace the good that comes even from the most difficult of times.

I’d love to hear the lessons you learned this year, especially from the little humans in your lives.

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